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"Brothers" by Andrew Forster

Born in 1964
Grew up in Rotherham
Known for writing about childhood by drawing on autobiographical material.
His style is to often refer to everyday objects and experiences.
Brothers was part of his first collection of poetry, entitled Fear of Thunder

The nine…

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"Brothers" by Andrew Forster

The opening metaphor sets the tone for the relationship between the two brothers: "Saddled"
o negative feelings the speaker has for his brother, as if he is an inconvenience
o It is the first word of the poem, meaning it is significant, as it outlines the…

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"Brothers" by Andrew Forster

Write about the feelings for a family member in Brothers and Praise Song for My Mother and the ways in which
they are presented.

Points you could make:
In Praise Song for My Mother the tone is very celebratory and positive whereas in Brothers the…


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