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  • Brave new world ideas
    • Ideas from Youtube?
      • Sparknotes (from reading the comments)
        • All the ideas contribute to a bigger picture which is a possible future that Huxley warns us about
          • Huxley presenting the idea of.. Bokonovsky process etc. what message does he intend to convey?
        • Amazing how accurate and prophetic this 1931 novel was. In the novel, everyone's on SOMA. Today, everyone's on pot or anti-depressants (aka, SOMA). And it's only going to get worse.?
          • Until you realize religion, old media, and desire for nature and to follow working isn't in our present. Not only that, but pot doesn't always make people happy and anti depressants are used to relieve a mental problem, not just to make you feel happy.?
            • Tis a pity reference in my own thought:
              • Perhaps if there was no religion in tis a pity there will not be as much conflict and tragedies
        • why do they want everyone to have sex? why do children do the ****** play?
          • They believed that if you're taught to be ashamed to do things you have a desire for, you have a higher tendency to be angry and angsty at stuff, which makes riots and revolts crop up. They don't want angsty people so they made sex a state-sanctioned activity. Which means, everyone has to do it or else people think they're weird.?
      • Untitled
    • My ESSAY on power started on the 20th/09/2016
      • Paragraph 1:
        • Ways in which power is presented
          • Brave new world
            • (look at powerpoint about the social caste systems
              • quote from chapter 5: 'everyone works for everyone else. We cannot do without anyone. even epsilons are useful
                • hypnopaedic message
                  • remembered by Leninawaking up as a small girl, hearing this
                • This quote illustrates the power of mind-numbing repetitiveness of the hypnopaedic rules and beliefs that form the basis of World State society. The message also highlights the hypocrisy of the conditioning: it may be true that “every one works for every one else,” but it is also true that certain castes have a much better time of it than others.
                  • Untitled
              • people conditioned, some dont want to conform such as the savage John and bernard
                • LINK:
                  • Annabella and Giovanni, expected to follow the system but goes against it, rebellious act
              • Men are the most Powerful in Tis a pity.
                • structure:weight of speech who says the most? MEN
                  • Female figures (as nurses)  in the book given to role to shock babies as a way of conditioning them, Quite ironic as their rejecting the characteristics of a mother and a nuse (which is to be caring)
          • Critic: Parma is the real whore of the tragedy?
      • Prophetic meanings in Both text that leads society into corrupton
        • In BNW
          • Consumerism and materialism can corrode the human soul.  One of the problems in the book is that people want things more than they want a "life of the mind."
          • It is bad to want constant entertainment and "happiness."  When we do these things, we are taking away our own ability to think and our ability to feel the full range of emotions that make us human.
            • POTENTIAL QUOTE: about wanting to study Shakespeare, and write
            • Links to the caste system; how theyre all conditioned to do things
        • IN TIS A PITY
  • Purpose of john?
    • He's kind of an example of a human in our world living in their world to further emphasize the differences and even some similarities in both worlds. he's also very passionate, he believes in love and dedication and doing what is right. He is also a victim, he has no real home. in the reserve he lived in he was out casted and bullied and in the brave new world he is put on a stage like entertainment. the only thing that's ever been consistent with him is his Shakespeare stories. his purpose imo is to compare our world to the brave new world and to possibly show the decline in humanity as we know it as we delve further and further into an industrialized society.l
      • Tis a pity link: perhaps hes more like annabella, shes a victim , she has no real love, casted out of society because of her brother to the point that it even results in her death. Giovanni holding her heart up to the crowd.
    • Annabella is frowned upon for incest even though its not her fault, so the idea that women are getting blamed leads to the idea of CORRUPTION
      • Evidence?
        • The church calling her a whore even in death
        • Friar saying 'You must repent'
          • Similar Idea to SOMA  (BNW)
            • Moment Bernand steps out of line Lenina tries to seduce him with sex and drugs
    • Context: : Revenge tragedy a form of drama that became extremely popular in England in the late 1580
      • the revenger summers a moral dilemma in deciding to take revenge; but he knows that is against the law and the teachings of Christianity
    • tIS A PITY
      • ACT 3: by the friar: 'there is a place - list, daughte rin a black and hollow vault, where day is never seen. there shines no sun, but flaming horror of consuming fires'
        • Vivid description of hell, uttered by the friar on a dark stage and lit by candlelight, terrifies Annabella and may have had a similar effect upon fords audience. But also raises some questions about the ultimate fate of the protagonists.
          • For the catholic hell was a terrifying reality but it was one that could be avoided if the sinner was prepared to make a effort.
          • Instilling fear to vulnerable people to change their ways, in a way that domineering
            • LINK
              • When the savage gets sent away to live near the green light because he was sabotaging and corrupting the whole purpose of the motto /STABILITY, COMMUNITY
  • UntitlMustapha is trying to convince John that soma solves one of humanity’s oldest problems: it offers a way to deal with unpleasant emotions that lead to inefficiency and conflict. He claims that soma allows everyone to accomplish something that previously took years to attain.
    • Soma is a drug that clouds over the truth,


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