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The Bloody Chamber


`like an extraordinarily precious slit throat'

`bright as arterial blood'

`faery solitude'

`so many mirrors'

`as if he were stripping the leaves off an artichoke'

`instruments of mutilation'

`the walls...gleamed as if they were sweating with fright'

`an armful of the same lilies with which he…

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`wild thing'

AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning


Juxtaposition ` lascivious tenderness'

Metaphor the Marquis as a beast, or as God `the eye of God his eye'

` Subterranean privacy' of the chamber likening bloody chamber to Hell


Castle is a Gothic reinterpretation of…

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Gothic Features


Castle is isolated, heroine sees its `faery solitude' how she chooses to view it, away from

Walls of the chamber `sweating with fright' as if guilty themselves

Marquis calls bloody chamber his `enfer'
French word for Hell, `s ubterranean privacy',
`like the door of Hell'


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`Carter flirts with elements of the Gothic in many of the tales' S. Roberts

Same for all texts

The Courtship of Mr Lyon


`one white, perfect rose'

`there was no living person in the hall'

`a lion is a lion and a man is a man'

`there was an…

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`a man with an unkempt mane of hair'

`he was so different from herself'

AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning


Extensive imagery of snow symbolises Beauty's purity ` white and unmarked as...
bridal satin'

Personification of the house ` the chandelier tinkled... as if emitting…

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`Thin ghost of light on the verge of extinction' no signs of Spring at the Beast's house
reflects what has happened to him

Bloody chamber = Beast's attic he is trapped and dying, claustrophobic setting

Roses die as the beast dies: ` The roses...were all dead'

Countryside = place of…

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The Tiger's Bride


`my father lost me to The Beast in cards'

`I have lost my pearl'

`the lamb must learn to run with the tigers'



`always the pretty one'

`Christmas rose'

`no more than a king's ransom'

AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape…

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Heroine is given a voice unlike Beauty in Courtship Of My Lyon objectification of women
in a different way

Written in the past tense but changes occasionally to the present to suggest continuity

The Erl King

Quotes ­

`ErlKing will do you grievous harm'

`the wood swallows you up'


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`skin the rabbit, he says!'

`Eyes green as apples. Green as dead sea fruit'

AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning ­


Oxymorons such as
"the tender butcher" a nd "appalling succulence" h ighlight the
narrator's conflict

Isolated similes such as
"green as dead sea fruit"…

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Idea of confinement
`vertical bars of a brasscoloured distillation of light' look like
bars of a prison/cage

ErlKing can tie `up the winds in his handkerchief'

Dominant males ­

childlike, less predatory

Romantic hero

she falls in love with him

Passive females none, she is mature and purposeful




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