The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories AO and Quotes

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The Bloody Chamber
`like an extraordinarily precious slit throat'
`bright as arterial blood'
`faery solitude'
`so many mirrors'
`as if he were stripping the leaves off an artichoke'
`instruments of mutilation'
`the walls...gleamed as if they were sweating with fright'
`an armful of the same lilies with which he had filled my bedroom'
`the trumpets of the angels of death'
`seventeen and knew nothing of the world'
`the whitefaced girl from Paris'
`I was only a baby'
`dark leonine shape of his head'
`opulent male scent'
`dark mane'
`waxen face'
`indomitable mother'

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AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning
Juxtaposition ` lascivious tenderness'
Metaphor the Marquis as a beast, or as God `the eye of God his eye'
` Subterranean privacy' of the chamber likening bloody chamber to Hell
Castle is a Gothic reinterpretation of the fairytale template
Reworked fairy tales Carter called them `new stories' not `versions'
Short stories maximise the impact of Carter's messages
Novelette the slow pace of which mirrors the brief lifestyle of the heroine in her new…read more

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Gothic Features
Castle is isolated, heroine sees its `faery solitude' how she chooses to view it, away from
Walls of the chamber `sweating with fright' as if guilty themselves
Marquis calls bloody chamber his `enfer'
French word for Hell, `s ubterranean privacy',
`like the door of Hell'
Carter contrasts light and dark `Lights! More lights!'
`the necklace that prefigures your end', `bright as arterial blood', `like an extraordinarily
precious slit throat' all foreshadow the heroine's decapitation
Heroine escapes her fate makes her…read more

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Carter flirts with elements of the Gothic in many of the tales' S. Roberts
Same for all texts
The Courtship of Mr Lyon
`one white, perfect rose'
`there was no living person in the hall'
`a lion is a lion and a man is a man'
`there was an air of exhaustion... in the house'
`her own image reflected there' (in the Beast's eyes)
`Fast as you can'
`an attic, with a sloping roof'
`the roses...…read more

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AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning
Extensive imagery of snow symbolises Beauty's purity ` white and unmarked as...
bridal satin'
Personification of the house ` the chandelier tinkled...…read more

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Thin ghost of light on the verge of extinction' no signs of Spring at the Beast's house
reflects what has happened to him
Bloody chamber = Beast's attic he is trapped and dying, claustrophobic setting
Roses die as the beast dies: ` The roses...…read more

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The Tiger's Bride
`my father lost me to The Beast in cards'
`I have lost my pearl'
`the lamb must learn to run with the tigers'
`always the pretty one'
`Christmas rose'
`no more than a king's ransom'
AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning
description of "glossy, nutbrown curls" and
"rosy cheeks" is repeated to highlight the
similarities between the narrator and her "clockwork twin
7…read more

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Heroine is given a voice unlike Beauty in Courtship Of My Lyon objectification of women
in a different way
Written in the past tense but changes occasionally to the present to suggest continuity
The Erl King
Quotes ­
`ErlKing will do you grievous harm'
`the wood swallows you up'
`the stark elders have an anorexic look'
`everything in the wood is exactly as it seems'
`easy to lose yourself'
`What big eyes you have'
`an excellent housewife'
`came alive from the desire of…read more

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Eyes green as apples. Green as dead sea fruit'
AO2 language, form and structure and how they shape meaning ­
Oxymorons such as
"the tender butcher" a nd "appalling succulence" h ighlight the
narrator's conflict
Isolated similes such as
"green as dead sea fruit" add emphasis to the comparisons
Metaphor is used to link sex to drowning e.g.…read more

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Idea of confinement
`vertical bars of a brasscoloured distillation of light' look like
bars of a prison/cage
ErlKing can tie `up the winds in his handkerchief'
Dominant males ­
childlike, less predatory
Romantic hero
she falls in love with him
Passive females none, she is mature and purposeful
`magic lasso of inhuman music'
He has a `bird call'
`he says the Devil spits on them at Michaelmas'
The Snow Child
Quotes ­
`midwinter `invincible, immaculate'
`the Countess hated her'
`a feather...a bloodstain...…read more


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