[PSYB1] - Brain Investigation Methods: Evaluation

Evaluation for the methods of investigating the brain.

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  • Brain Investigation: Evaluation
    • EEG's
      • Safe and painless way of measuring brain activity
      • Often used as a diagnostic tool when looking at epilepsy and sleeping disorders
    • PET Scans
      • Expensive
      • Results aren't easy to interpret. E.G. The brain is always active so not easy to ascertain which area is specific to which activity
    • Neurosurgery
      • Allows experimenter high degree of precision over what area of the brain is removed
      • Damage is not reversible
      • Cannot generalise animal research to humans
    • MRI Scans
      • Show clear images of the brain and can "slice" the brain to get a view of certain areas
      • Hard to analyse as is specific to each person
    • Post-Mortem Examinations
      • Can see what effect certain diseases have physically on the brain.
      • Cannot compare what the brain was iike before and after.
      • Limited sample of the population
  • Hard to analyse as is specific to each person


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