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Methods Used to Investigate Cortical Specialisation
Neuro Surgery
This is where an area of the brain, and its links with other areas of the brain, is deliberately
destroyed or operated on in some way to see how behaviour is affected. In humans, it is
commonly used to operate on and…

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Electroencephalograms (EEG): Electroencephalography (EEG) is a tool
for measuring electrical activity generated in the brain, which allows the exploration of
neural activity and brain functioning. They record brainwave patterns that come from the
action of millions of neurons, not individual neuron activity. Two types of brain wave
patterns are obtained…

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Electrical Stimulation: This measures cortical specialisation either by
stimulation of single neurons or groups of neurons on both normal and damaged brains.
One technique is recording activity at the level of the neuron. Here, microelectrodes are
inserted into a single neuron and then the neuron is artificially stimulated with electricity.…

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Scans don't measure precise neur onal activity only generalised activity in a certain area of
the brain.
As the brain is always active, cant say that any area of the brain is specifically responsible
during a certain task
Can be very time consuming ­ radioactive substance can take up to…


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