Boscatle, UK 2004 MEDC

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  • Causes Physical/Human
    • The rivers Valency and Jordan flow from Bodmin Moor, which is covered in a thin layer of impermeable peat.
      • Man made culverts were widened to allow more water to flow easily to river Valency.
    • A 10ft wall of water swept through the village.
      • Heavy rain throughout the summer had saturated the soils.
  • Where and when?
    • South West of England
    • Cornwall (location of Boscastle)
    • Lies in the valley where 2 rivers confluence in that valley.
    • Monday the 16th of August 2004.
  • Responses?
    • Immediate
      • Firemen cut their way into the roofs of buildings to allow people trapped inside to escape.
      • The RAF and coastguards deployed 7 helicopters to rescue people trapped in cars and on the roofs of buildings.
      • More than 120 people were lifted to safety by helicopters.
    • Long term
      • The government promised extra funding and support to help clean up the area.
  • Effects?
    • Short term
      • Many buildings were totally ruined by floodwaters.
      • Six buildings and a bridge all collapsed.
        • Houses were completely demolished.
      • Uprooted trees piled up 30 feet high against buildings.
    • Long term
      • The road which passes through the village was washed away.
      • The village is almost totally reliant on tourism for its income.
        • Shops were closed for nearly a year!
      • The clean up bill = millions.
        • Bridges rebuilt.
  • Boscatle, UK 2004 MEDC


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