Rivers Case Studies


Flooding, Boscastle (MEDC)


  • August 2004. 
  • Cornwall, UK. 


  • Heavy rainfall from storms, two rivers burst their banks. 
  • 2 billion litres of water rushed down the valley into Boscastle. 
  • On the day of the flood, 75mm of rain fell in 2 hours. 
  • The Valency and Jordan rivers overflowed. 


  • Primary: cars swept to sea, buildings damaged, water gushed into houses, trees uprooted. 
  • Church filled with 6 feet of mud and water. 
  • Long term: huge financial cost, major rebuild. 


  • Nobody died, airlift using helicopters, Prince Charles made a large donation, increased flood defences. 
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Flooding, Bangladesh (LEDC)


  • 2004 floods, July to September. 
  • By July, 40% of Dhaka underwater. 
  • 60% of country submerged. 
  • 30 million out of 140 million homeless. 
  • 750 dead. 
  • Airport flooded, bridges destroyed, hampered relief effort. 
  • Damage put to $7 billion. 
  • Rice, the main food crop, was washed away. 
  • Food supplies, medicine and clothing was distributed. 
  • Disease from contaminated water remained a major threat.
  • Long term responses: embankments built, flood warnings and provision of food shelters. 
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