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Water, Landforms and People ­ Hydrosphere
Case Study ­ Drought in England (MEDC) ­ EVENT
Name: Drought in England
Location: SE England, UK, Europe
Date: 1988
o Low groundwater levels
o Reduces water levels in wet lands
Short term effects (including aid):
o River flow remains low
o Reservoirs have not yet been filled ­ they will be filled soon to increase river flow
Long term effects (including aid):
o Huge problems with water supply during winter
o Affects habitats for birds/fishes/aquatic plants
o Water supply from other places is costly to transport
Case Study ­ Floods in England (MEDC) ­ EVENT
Name: Floods in England
Location: Northampton, East Midland region of England
Date: 10th April 1998
o 10,000 people affected
o £75 million worth of damage
o Many didn't have house insurance
Short term effects (including aid):
o Electricity problems
o No drinking water
o Local pub used as shelter
Long term effects (including aid):
o New flood defences ­ FLOOD PREVENTION
o New flood siren ­ FLOOD PROTECTION

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Improvements such as raising river bends were planned by government
Case Study ­ Droughts in Kenya (LEDC) ­ EVENT
Name: Drought in Kenya
Location: Kenya, East Africa
Date: June 2004
o One million threatened with hunger
o People not prepared for this due to droughts being uncommon in this area
o 80 people dead due to poisonous crops (maize)
Short term effects (including aid):
o Food shortages
o Food supplies, including oil and rice
Long term effects (including aid):
o Government has plans to…read more

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Houses being rebuilt
o Roads, railway lines washed out by floods…read more


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