Geography Case Studies. PAPER ONE.

GCSE Geography Case Studies.


Paper One, Plate Tectonics.

Volcanic Eruptions.

Mount St Helens MEDC.


-Earth quake 5 on the richter scale, triggered massive eruption.

-Cost $175 million.

-57 dead.

-10,000 trees destroyed.

-250,000 fish killed.

Montserrat LEDC.

-July 1995.

-23 dead.

-50% population left the island for neighbouring islands or british isles.

-2/3rds island destoyed.

-Each person was entilted to £3000 compensation from the british gov.

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Paper One, Plate Tectonics.


Kobe, MEDC.

-5:56am (everyone asleep so all killed as they could not react> 17th Jan, 1995.

-100,000 houses collapsed.

-5500 dead.

-$150 billion to repair city's infastructure.

Asain Tsunami LEDC (Indonesian Earthquake).

-250,00 dead, approx.

-13 Countries effected.

-£7 billion aid given.

-5 million made homeless.

Why Live in the danger zone? Campania reigon around Vesuvius.. good fertile soil for tomatoes. Tourists travel to places like Pompeii to see the old Roman Town.

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Paper One, Plate Tectonics.

Fold Mountins

Alps in Europe

-Dams, Built in V shape Valleys.

-Farming, Dairy Farming, cows use slopes in summer and farmers grow crops on valley bottom. In winter the cows are stored in cow sheds on the valley floor.

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Paper One, Rivers



Bangladesh, LEDC.


-57% land covered in water.

-1000 Dead.

Boscastle, SW England MEDC


-89mm in one hour that caused 7ft of water.

-1 thumb broken!

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Paper One, Rivers.

Rivers and water supply in the UK.

3/4 of the UKs water comes from mountain lakes and Rivers. Why demand? UKs Population now over 60 million.

  • Bangladesh 45 litres per family per day, UK 180 Litres per family per day.
  • Formerly domestic manual tasks are now done by machines, e.g washing machines, dish washers, jet washers for cars. They all consume more water than if done by hand.
  • Demand for electricity in offices, industries and homes. A Great deal of water is is used for production of electricity.
  • Demand for transport which is increasing.

Kielder water in Northumberland.

  • Largest artificial lake in the UK.
  • Opened in 1982
  • Built in a remote area so little disruption in terms of rehoming the few families who live in the area
  • Poor quality farm land, steep slopes.
  • Now a visitor attraction for water and land based activities ie water sports and woodlands. Also woodlands good for forestry.
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Paper One, Coasts.

Features of erosion.

  • Old Harry on the foreland in Dorset.
  • Durdle door arch, Dorset.

Features of depostition.

  • Hurst castle spit, Dorset.

Coastal Erosion.

  • Hallsands, Devon
  • Holbeck Hall, Holderness Coast.

Coastal Defence.

  • Mappleton, Holderness coast NE coast of the UK, facing the north sea.- Cliffs are made of easily eroded boulder clay.- Eroded at a rate of 1 metre a year.- 4km of land lost.- Rock groyne built to protect area.- Impact has been estimates suggest that it had accelerated cliff erosion south of mapppleton 10m/yr.
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Paper One, Coasts.

Sea level change-effects: London + the Thames estury.

  • 'City' of London in terms of centre for business, houses of parliment, tourist attractions and housing are all located on banks of the thames. If flooded would create a 'financial diasaster zone'
  • 1.5 million commuters work in thames side locations.
  • Property assets are estimated at around £100 billion.
  • 1.25 million people live in flood zone so insurance would be extremely high.
  • 69 tube stations, 400 schools and 16 hospitals would also be affected.
  • Infastructure value to high to calculate.
  • Barrier cost £534 million but update will be £1.6 billion.
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