Body Scanning

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  • Body Scanning
    • Advantages
      • Surgeon will be better prepared as they know what they will find
      • Doctor can accurately diagnose without the need for surgery
      • Leads to faster recovery because of the other reasons
      • Helps to determinie when surgeries are necessary
      • reduces the length of hospitalization
    • Disadvantages
      • Can be expensive to purchase + the extra expenses of maintaining + training if the users don't know how to use it
      • Health risk is increased because of exposure to radiation which is toxic and in large amounts life threatening as it kills the bodies cells
      • Can be claustrophobic = patients have to spend a long time in a MRI scan + keep still which not all patients can do
    • MRI Scanning
      • provides details about a persons tissue which allows for the detection of brain tumors or disc bulges
      • Magnetic resonance imaging = MRI
    • CAT Scanning
      • produces a complete 3D model of a patients bones and internal organs
      • Computerised tomography = CAT


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