Input Methods

All the inputs methods needed to know for AQA INFO1

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Input method Media Device Scenario Limitations
Magnetic Ink Character Cheques with magnetic Magnetic Ink Character A bank needs to make If the cheque gets wet the
Recognition Ink Scanner sure all of the cheques are ink will run and be
real. So all the cheques unreadable
they give out have this
magnetic ink and behind If the cheque is ripped It
the counter there is a cannot be used.
Magnetic Ink Character
Optical Mark Reader The paper must be Optical Mark Reader A corner shop has a lottery You can only use one
(OMR) marked in the same place machine and they put the colour in the box.
for you to mark it. prepared pieces of paper
in the stand All questions asked are
closed questions
Optical Character The Scanned paper must Optical Character A teacher want to put all of Takes quite a lot of time to
Recognition (OCR) have clear and legible Recognition Scanner his students exam paper scan
Words on it on the internet, so he
scans them in You cannot Input
Barcode Reader The product must have Barcode Reader A super market needs to All of the barcodes have to
identical group of lines on identify different products be input before they are
all of the products that are so they put a different put on sale.
the same, barcode on each one and
once it comes to the till it Is the lines are damaged
can be identified they cannot be read.
Magnetic Stripe Reader The magnetic stripe on the Magnetic Stripe Reader A security firm needs to If you put them next to a
card make sure no unwanted strong magnate it will
people get in to the wipe.

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Sometimes the magnetic
them in. strip is slow to be read
Biometric Devices Body Is a certain shape GAIT body scanner A government top security Very expensive
GAIT and will be scanned base need to stop
terrorists for attacking the Radiation
scientists So to stop
people getting in the
building they have GAIT
scanner at the front
Sensors Static room Motion detector A Building gets burgled a If you have a pet this can
lot so the owner installs a trigger the alarm.…read more


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