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Scanning devices help to illuminate internal organs and structures of a person’s body. They help to find diseases and viruses within a person’s body which need the correct aid and treatment to help cure the virus and prevent it from spreading.

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Advantages of Scanning

  •  Higher cure rate- early discovery of tumours mean more likely to be cured soon so it does not grow.
  • Reduces unnecessary operations
  • Faster diagnosis the faster the tumour is discovered the earlier the tumour can be diagnosed.
  • Safe in the case of MRI- MRI do not use x-rays therefore radiation will not be released and cause the patient harm.
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Disadvantages of Scanning

  •  Can break down- slight problems can make the equipment or scanner damage and break down easily.
  • Can be dangerous for staff to use as they can be exposed to mass of ionising radiation.
  • MRI scans require patients to lie still for hours in a closed area, which can become uncomfortable and claustrophobic.
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