Basic Biology Revision

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  • Biology Revision Topic.1
    • Malnutrition
      • When a person does not contain the correct amount of food groups in their diet
      • Deficiency disease
        • What it can cause
          • Amenia
            • Not enough blood in the body
          • Rickets
            • Lack of Vitamin D
          • Scurvey
            • Lack of Vitamin C
      • What it can cause
        • Heart disease
          • Heart/blood vessels do not function properly
        • Arthritas
          • Joints are damaged
        • Diabetes
          • Not being able to control the level of sugar in your blood
    • Cholestrol
      • Made in the liver
        • Can be found in some foods
      • Fatty substance
        • Vital for body function
      • Needed for normal body function
        • To create cell membranes
      • MORE...
        • Muscle requires more energy than fat
          • Boys tend to have more muscle to fat, which requires more energy
          • If a person is bigger/taller they require more energy


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