End of Life topic mindmap- Philosophy and Ethics

Christian teachings on Life after death

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  • End of Life
    • Funeral Rites
      • Funeral services give people a chance to show respect and say goodbye to the dead
      • When a Christian is dying they may prepare for death by confessing their sins to a minister. Catholics may receive a sacrament called the Anointing of the sick.
      • Christian funerals take place in a church usually, the body is either buried or cremated
      • At soe services Christians may have a Requiem Mass
      • Churches are often decorated with white flowers to represent the new life with God that they are entering
      • As the body is finally lad to rest the priest will say 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust' this is a reference to Genesis 3:19 where God made man  from the ground (dust).
      • Candles are lit as a reminder that Christians are saved because Jesus is the 'light of the world'. Also the rising smoke is sometimes said to represent te soul or prayers for the sol rising to Heaven.
      • A  gravestone is placed at the site the person was buried later. it may have a personal message or prayer on it and details abo the person's life. Flowers may be placed on the grave at times. This shows that though the person is with God they are not forgotten
    • Body and Soul
      • 'God made man in his own image', many believe it is the soul that makes humans like God.
      • The soul is non-physical and eternal, the body is physical.
      • The soul is the 'breath of life' that God gave to Adam.
      • Eve introduced original sin into the world when she ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
      • Original sin is the way in which humans are born with a lack of holiness about them.
      • Original sin is cleansed when someone is baptised.
      • Jesus is part of the trinity- he is God in human form. So when he chose willingly to suffer and die on the cross he atoned for original sin and cleansed humanity.
    • Salvation and Redemption
      • Humanity received redemption from original sin through Jesus' suffering on the cross- We can go to Heaven because of this.
      • God will judge people for the way they have lived their lives
      • Two beliefs about judgement- General: That God will pass his judgement on the whole of humanity as well as on the body and soul of the individual. Particular: judgement is given to every soul when a person dies
      • Te parable of the Sheep and the Goats: Shows that Christians believe they will be judged on the care they show to others
      • Christians believe they will receive salvation and       redemption through Christ (Romans 8:1-3a)
      • Roman Catholics and some Anglicans believe that they can lead better lives by confessing their sins to a priest who will forgive them - SACRAMENT OF         RECONCILIATION
    • Life After Death
      • We are  free from original sin because of God's sacrifice of Jesus
      • Second Coming or 'Parousia'- Jesus will return to earth one day and God will judge everyone.
      • Those who have followed the teachings of Jesus and accepted him as their saviour can go to Heaven.
      • Those who ignored the teachings of Jesus and the Bible will go to Hell for eternal punishment
    • Beliefs about  Heaven
      • We should lok forward to a life in Heaven after we die
      • One view of Heaven in the book of Revelations is the idea  that there will be no more suffering and God will rule the earth.
      • One idea about Heaven is that when people arrive they will see a 'beatific vision' - an eternal and direct view of God that will give people total happiness
      • 'I believe... in the resurrection of the body' - some believe that when people get to Heaven they wll be in their physical body
      • Many believe Heaven is a state of mind
    • Beliefs about Hell and Purgatory
      • Very  few believe in Hell as a physical place but more a state of mind
      • christian teaching is that if a person has had the opportunity to follow Jesus but chose not to they cannot go to Heaven.
      • The Catholic Church believes that Heaven is necessarily closed to those who have not encountered Christianity, if they have tried to follow God.
      • Catholic Church teaches of purgatory- very few people are ready to go to Heaven when they die, so they go to purgatory first where they can be cleansed.


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