Edexcel R.S Unit 3.1 Believing in God

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  • Believing in God
    • Catholic upbringing
      • Baptism
        • MARK 1:11 'a voice came from heaven, "You are my own dear Son, I am pleased with you"'
      • Taught to believe in God by parents
        • teach children to pray
      • Catholic schools
    • Religious experience
      • Numinous experience
        • Mark 6:30 Feeding of the 5000
      • Miracle
        • Acts 9:4-5 '"Saul, Saul! why do you persecute me?" "who are you Lord?" he asked "I am Jesus...'
    • Evil and suffering
      • God has a reason but we can't understand it Isaiah 55:8 "My thoughts" says the Lord "are not like yours"
      • Free will
      • Paradise
      • Lead to atheism
        • Omnipotent
        • Omnibenevolent
        • EPICURUS- God cannot be both 'is God able to prevent evil and willing to? then why is there evil?
    • Unanswered prayes
      • Selfish
      • Other plans
      • what we need
      • for the best
      • may feel he doesn't exist as they feel no listens and nothing happens
    • Creation
      • Genesis 1   "By the seventh day...the universe was created"
      • Liberal response Psalm 90:4 'A thousand years to you is like one day'


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