RS Edexcel: Marriage and the Family

These revision cards will talk about sex outside marrriage, marriage, divorce and family life.

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Changing attitudes to cohabitation and marriage

Traditional attitude of 1960's: No sex before marriage, one or two sexual partners during lifetime, marriage by age of 25, marry in church

However nowadays....

  • Most people have sex before marriage (Average age of first sex- 16, men have average 13 sexual partners and women have 7 sexual partners)
  • Acceptable for couples to cohabitate rather than marry
  • Average age fro marrriage has risen to 29/31
  • Only minority of marriages take place in church
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Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage

Most Christians believe that sex outisde marriage is WRONG.

PRE-MARITAL SEX (Sex before marriage)

  • Sex given to humans for procreation of children, so it must take place within marriage
  • Bible says fornication is sinful
  • All Churches teach pre-marital sex is wrong

However, some Christians accept cohabitation and sexual relaionships if the couple are commited:

  • Believe Church has to come to tems with modern life
  • Jesus taught that love is the most important thing

EXTRA-MARITAL SEX (Having sex with other peopel when married)

  • Breaks wedding vows
  • Condemned in 10 commandments
  • Condemned by Jesus in Gspels
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Hinduism and sex outside marriage

Hinduism is against any form of sex outside marraige

PRE-MARITAL SEX- sex before marriage isn't allowed:

  • Before marraige, a Hindu is in the student ashrama where sex is nt allowed
  • Hindu Scriptures say that sex should only take place in marriage
  • purpose of sex is for procreation of children; children should be born in marriage

EXTRA-MARTIAL SEX- Adultery isn't allowed in Hinduism

  • betraying one's dharma and prevents a soul from achieving moksha
  • betrayal of the marriage partner
  • likely to harm family which Hinduism regards as very important
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The purposes of marriage in Christianity

In Christianity, marriage has four purposes:

  • So that a couple can have a life-long relationship of love and faithfulness
  • So that a couple can have the support and comfort of each other
  • For the procreation of children
  • For the bringing up of a Christian famiy
  • So that a couple can have the support and comfort of each other

Main features of a Christian marriage service

  • priest welcoming couple and acting as Church's witnessto wedding
  • Emphasis on purpose of marraige and the fact it is a special sacrament
  • Readings from bible and short talk on nature of Christian marriage
  • Exchange of vows commitin partners to lifetiem marriage
  • Exchange of rings
  • Prayers asking God's blessing on couple and help of holy spirit
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The purposes of marriage in Hinduism

In Hinduism, marriage has five purposes:

  • So that a love can share love and companonship
  • For the joy of children
  • To bring the union of two families
  • So that the couple can fulfil their role as a householder and so hae the chance to gain moksha
  • So that the couple can enjoy sex in the way of dharma

Main features of a Hindu marriage service

  • priest welcomes the couple and there are prayers+hymns about joys of marriage
  • offerings are made to the gods
  • the bride stands on stone to represent stability marraige brings
  • rice thrown into sacred fire (havan) to encourage fertility
  • couple takes seven steps arougn sacred fire
  • groom places a black and gold necklace roung bride's neck to represent union of two families
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Changing attitudes to divorce in the UK

TRADITIONALLY: Divorce difficult to obtain, people looked down upon and couldn't remarry in Church

NOWADAYS: Divorce accepted as part of normal life, no one looked down upon, more common

  • removal of legal and financial barriers- divorce is cheaper
  • women no longer dependant on their husbands for money
  • changing expectatons of marriage- woman gained a more equal life
  • Demographic changes
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Christian attitudes to divorce

1 Catholic church doesn't allow divorce as marriage is a sacrament, unless one of the partner dies. However it allows annumlent if it is proven to be not a christian marriage.

  • Jesus taught divorcce is wrong in Mark's gospel
  • Couple have made covanant wth God in sacrament of marriage

2 Other churches think divorce is wrong, but the lesser of two evils, and the divorced person can remarry if they repent their sins.

  • Jesus allowed divorce for a partner's adultery
  • Christians are allowed forgiveness and a new chance
  • better t odivorce than live in hatred and quarrel all the time
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