Much Ado About Nothing-Beatrice

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  • Beatrice
    • Relationships
      • Leonato
        • Beatrice's uncle
          • Close relationship; he knows her well: he tells Don Pedro that there is 'little of the melancholy element in her'- A2,S1
      • Hero
        • Beatrice's cousin
          • They live together and used to share a room: 'I have twelvemonth been her bedfellow'-A4,S1.
            • Beatrice has a lot of faith in Hero because she knows her so well: 'O, on my soul, my cousin is belied!'-A4,S1
      • Benedick
        • Quips in A1,S1 to show they apparently hate each other: 'pernicious suitor'
          • Previous relationship: 'jade's trick'
            • Tricked into falling in love with each other in A3, S1.
              • Profess love for each other in A4,S1
                • They get married in A5,S4
      • Don Pedro
        • Close friends
          • He has romantic feelings for her
            • Asks her to marry him in A2,S1 but she rejects the offer
    • Character
      • Fiesty, outspoken, witty, confident,
      • Feminist of the play- appeal to Queen Elizabeth I?
    • Character Development
      • Very outspoken at start of the play to quieter when Hero is accused
      • Seemingly carefree at the start to weeping openly at Hero's accusation
      • Proclaims she will never marry at the start to falling in love with and marrying Benedick at the end


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