Joans lines and Ques vinegar tom

are devils
Why is a greater number of witches found in the fragile sex?
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A ditch in November
All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman
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hurting me
women are more impressionable
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feet are clothen
Women are feebler in both body and mind
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Don't say that
She is more carnal than man
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that's enough for man or devil
she's a liar by nature
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i saw her burnt
contaminating to touch
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i may have done
Evil women is that what you want to see
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call on the devil
Look in the mirror tonight would they have hanged you then?
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ask how they're stopping you now
here we are
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No need wake up mum
You'll catch a cold out all night in this weather
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Don't wake up if it's only to moan at me
Who were you with?
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Did he wake up?
No not a sound
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Not so much bad dreams
You stay out half the night you don't even enjoy it. You stay in with the boy, you sit by the fire with no one to talk to but old vinegar tomcat I'll go out.
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You go out?
Funny isn't it what would I do going out?
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I'll stay in if you'd like
Where would I go? Who wants an old woman?
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You want me to stay in with you more?
An old woman wandering about in the cold
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Do you want some broth mum?
Who were you with this time? Anyone I know?
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I'm sick of myself
If we'd each got a man we'd be better off
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think how he used to beat you
We'd have more to eat that's one thing
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Come butter come...
Just passing by
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I was wondering could you lend me a little yeast? I've not yeast see. I though I'd do a little baking brew a little beer maybe. but I've got no yeast. Who'd have thought it no yeast at all
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You'd be better without beer
I thought a little yeast as I was passing
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You get drunk. You should be ashsamed
To bake a couple of small little loaves.
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I've got no yeast.
A couple of small little loaves wouldn't take much yeast. A woman comfortable off with a fine man a nice field full of cows and pigs and plenty of apples that make good cider. You wouldn't grudge a neigbour a little loaf. Many the good times eh Marg
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I gave you yeast last week
A little small crumb of yeast and god will bless you for your kindness to your poor old neighbour
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You're not so badly off Joan Nokes
There's some on relief better off than me! I get nothing
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What money you get you drink.
If you'd my troubles M. you'd be glad of a drink but as you haven't lend me a little yeast like a good woman.
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I've no yeast!
I know you Margery
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What do you know?
I know you've got yeast. My eyes are old but I can see through you. You're a cold woman and getting worse and you'll die wthout a friend in this parish when if you gave yeast like a good neighbour everyone would bless you.
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I've no yeast.
But you don't give and they say what a mean bitter woman and curse you.
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I shouldn't wonder
You shouldn't say that.
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Get out of my dairy
You'll be sorry you spoke to me like that. Once I was your friend M but now you'll find I'm not.
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Get out. I'm making my butter.
Damn your butter to hell
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Will you get out?
Devil tak you and your man and your fields and your cows and your butter and your yeast and your cold face
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Will you go?
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She'll be out to see you
What's the matter?
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I've come for the bowl
Bowl? Bowl?
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Bowl my wife gave you some eggs in you ungrateful old hag
You're asking for the bowl? You think i wouldn't give you back your bowl? you think I'm stealing your bowl? When have i ever kept anything? I'll go get your bowl much good may it do you
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Go away to hell
Here's you're bowl jack and the devil go with it. Get away home and I hope you've more trouble their than i have here
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I'll break you're neck if you speak to me
You lift a hand to me may it drop off.
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Go away to hell man
Away to hell with him! never liked the man never liked the wife.
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There's no harm
Why am I tied? Tied to be bled
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Because I was happy
Why was I happy?
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Why am I tied?
Why was I happy? Because I was screaming
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Patient's real feeings
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Well enough to be married
Where are you taking my skin?
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Why is my heart on the other side?
Stop looking up me with your metal eye
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Stop put me back
Put back my body
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Put back my body
Who are you giving my womb?
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To the nurse
Oh doctor tell me make me well
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I may be bad
What's wrong with me the way I am x2
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Stinking old witch can't hurt us
What can we do there's nothing to do about sickness and hunger and dying
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Nothing but cursing and crying
Sometimes it's witches or what will you choose
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Burn your troubles away
burn your troubles away
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Kill her else
Look in the mirror tonight would they have hanged you then
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Here we are
That's a foul stink. I don't know how you can stay there. Whatever is it?
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Do you know why you've come?
I was passing
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Why were you passing?
Can't I pass by your door now? Time was it was always open for me
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And what's that?
a foul stink whatever are you making? I thought I'd come and see you as I was passing come and see you make it all right
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Blood you that's how
Damn you get away
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I'll not be touched by a witch
There's no man finds more witches than Henry Packer
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He can tell by their look
he says
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though some folk complain and say...
what the price of a cow just to have a witch hanged?
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To do good at the same time as earning a living
It's an honour to work with a great proffessional
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Damn you to hell oh christ help me. let go damn you. oh devil take you
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You'll be with the devil soon enough
And I'll be glad to see him. I been a witch these ten years. Boys always call after me and i said you call me a witch but when did i make your **** itch. And i gave him myblood eveyday and that was ten years ago
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Killed the calves
Jack is lucky I didn't bewitch him to death. And margery. but she was kid to me long ago. but i killed their cows like i killed ten cows last year adn the storm and tepest comes when i call it and strikes down tress but now I'm in prison my powers al
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All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman


A ditch in November

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women are more impressionable


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Women are feebler in both body and mind


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She is more carnal than man


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