Producing my play plan

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Hi. My name is Aleesha Hussain and for my arts award part 2 I've decide to work with my local primary school to direct and produce a play. I will write the play and organise a production of it. I chose to produce a play because I love directing and many students at the local primary school enjoy drama however opportunitys to perform are thin on the ground . I was talking to my sister a few weeks ago when she told me how much she hated rehearsing for her current school play (she is a yr 6 at Belfield Community School, the school that I hope to work at). Naturally I was confused, everyone loved doing our school play in year 6. She explained that although she loved acting they were very few main parts and most of the crew spent rehearsals just sitting around. Then 2 weeks later I found out that each child was only allowed 2 tickets, one for each parent. This immediately sent me down memory lane, part of the reason i loved being in the school play so much was that my whole family was there to support me and occasionaly laugh at me. This was the final straw, apparently the school didn't care about destroying the children's childhood memories. If the school wasn't going to give them a school play to remember I was. It's probably fair…


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