A view from the bridge - context

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  • A View From the Bridge
    • 1955
      • Lack of work and money after the war
        • Especially
      • Jobs in car factories made for Italy
        • Marco and Rodolpho too late to get jobs in car factories so tried their luck in America
    • Italian immigration bigger than ever
      • Payed captains to allow them to travel on boats and smuggled into the country as illegal immigrants
      • Cheap labour for shipyard owners
    • Ethnic Definition in towns
      • Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine live in a poor Italian area
    • Culture
      • Kin and village based migration chains lead to the formation of 'Little Italy's"
      • Italian culture takes family very seriously and always puts them first, there is a huge sense of responsibility to look after kin
    • Women's role
      • Women had more rights after the war
        • They were accepted as workers and not just housewives, this is shown in the contrast of generations of Beatrice and Catherine
    • Justice and Law
      • In the times of mobs and gangsters, there was street justice and the law. They were very different things
        • e.g. Alfieri speaks of men being 'cut in half' by machine guns
        • 'Justly shot by unjust men'
      • Respect and honor meant everything and even the law couldn't stop people from attempting to get it back, no matter the cost


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