Bangladesh Floods

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  • Bangladesh
    • Background information
      • Less economically developed country
      • The floods happened from July to August in 2007
      • The floods were caused by the River Brahmaputra and the River Ganges
    • Causes
      • 900mm of heavy rainfall fell in July
        • This saturated the soil
      • Melting snow from glaciers in the Himalayan mountains increased discharged
      • The peak discharge in both rivers happened at the same time
    • Immediate Responses
      • Many people didn't evacuate from flooded areas
        • Blocked transport links slowed down any attempted evacuations
      • Blocked transport links slowed down any attempted evacuations
      • Other governments & international charities distributed food, water & medical aid
        • Technical equipment like rescue boats were also sent to help stranded people
          • Many people didn't evacuate from flooded areas
      • Long-term responses
        • International charities funded the rebuilding of homes
          • The agriculture and fishing industries were also funded by the charities
        • Some homes have been rebuilt on stilts
          • This means they are less likely to be damaged by future floods
      • Primary Effects
        • Over 2000 deaths
        • An estimated 25 million people were made homeless
        • 44 schools were totally destroyed
        • Many factories closed and live stock were killed
        • 112000 houses were destroyed
        • 10000km of roads were destroyed
        • Rivers were polluted with rubbish and sewage
      • Secondary Effects
        • Children lost out on an education
          • 4000 schools were affected by the floods
        • Around 100000 people caught water borne diseases
          • Diseases such as dysentry and diarrhoea
        • Flooded fields reduced basmati rice yields
          • Prices rose by 10%
        • Many farmers & factory workers became unemployed


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