Baby P

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  • Baby P
    • Timeline
      • March 1st 2006 - Peter was born
        • June 2006 - Mother gets a new boyfriend
          • November 2006 - The boyfriend moves into the home
            • December 2006 - The mum is arrested for bruises on Peter and Peter has been put on the at risk list for child protective services
              • January 2007 - Peter has been returned to the home
                • February 2007 - Flags raised by a whistle-blower to council
                  • April 1st 2007 - OFSTED took over investigating children's services
                    • April 2007 - Admitted to North Middlesex hospital with injuries (black eyes and brusies)
                      • May 2007 - Readmitted to hospital with 12 areas of bruising found on his body
                        • June 2007 - The brother of the boyfriend moved a 15-year-old girl into the house
                          • July 2007 - Injuries covered by chocolate on a social visit
                            • August 2nd 2007 - Poliice told the mother she will not be prosecuted
                              • August 3rd 2007 - Peter died and the boyfriend and brother were arrested
    • Lord Lamming recommended after the case that:
      • A review of the recruitment, training, and supervision of social workers to ensure that they received better child protection training
      • Improved safeguarding training for staff with a responsibility for the care of children
    • Who failed Baby P?
      • Peter had over 60 visits from organisations who could have saved his life
      • Police
      • Social workers
      • NHS staff
      • Lawyers
      • Doctors
      • Social services failed to alert the police of the suspicious boyfriend
      • Despite fights for having Peter to be removed from the home it never happened
      • Social services/ child protections services were understaffed and had high case loads
    • What happened after his death?
      • A serious case review was done
      • Social workers either resigned or were sacked due to their part in Peters care
      • Ethics committees are now formed to approve of new social care techniques
      • The mother, boyfriend, and boyfriends brother are arrested
      • Inspectors made reports
        • Management
        • Practice
      • Haringey Council and NHS (North Middlesex hospital) are heavily criticised
      • OFSTED decides to make yearly unannounced visits


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