emotional development


attachment to caregivers

  • secure attachment explore the world around them feeling safe, happy and confident will help in the long run.
  • insecure attachment behavioural issuses lack of ability to receive affection which wont help in the long run.
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theories of attachment

  • Bowlby (1930s) believed the attachment is a deep emotional bond between a child and the primary caregiver 
  • he believed children are biologically attached since infancy which is a positive relationships
  • he looked at the problems with ealry separation from the primary caregiver 
  • bowlby observed that children experience separation anxitey 
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evolution bowlby

  • bowlby overthinked his theory 
  • rutter argues maternal deprivation is not long term problems and that privation is more damaging which helps because children do not have attachment.
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Schaffer and Emerson

  • shows that babies are more likey to have attachment to caregivers that respond to their signals. 
  • not the people who speed more time with them 
  • up to 3 months- most babies respond to caregivers 
  • 3 months up to 7 months- infants will know the differences between their main caregivers and other people
  • 7 months up to 9 months- is where infacts look for people for security, comfort and protection and will show fear of stangers when seprated from their main caregivers 
  • 9 months +- the baby starts to become more independent and form multiplue attachments 
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attachment may not go smoothly because....

  • prematurity- premature baby is in a incubator which they can not be picked up and held which will affect the attachment 
  • post-natal depression (PND)- some mother may be depressed after brith which last longer and affect the mother's ability to bond with her baby 
  • separation- separation of parents from their baby like parents divorcing and illness which can affects the baby's sense of identity 
  • foster care/ adoption- children within the care system will affect their attachments their sense of identity 
  • emotional unavailability- may happend due to parents having problems alcohol or drug use 
  • disability- some parents find it harder to attach to their baby with disability issues.
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