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  • Attachments may not go smoothly because of:
    • Post-natal depression (PND) - some mothers are depressed after birth, but PND lasts longer and may affect a mother's ability to connect with her baby
    • Emotional unavailability - may be due to parents having problems with alcohol or drug abuse, illness or generally struggling with their role
    • Prematurity - if a premature baby is in an incubator, they cannot be picked up and held. This can affect the attachment process
    • Disability - some parents find it harder to attach to a baby with a disability and they may struggle with their feelings. Some babies with disabilities may experience difficulty forming attachments
    • Separation - separation of parents from their baby, e.g. due to illness, bereavement or the parents divorcing, can affect attachment and impact on a baby's sense of identity
    • Foster care/adoption - children within the care system may experience inconsistency of caregivers which can affect attachments and their sense of identity


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