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A short over view of quotes and links to themes within the Kite Runner of the character Baba. Some creative writing advice, but incomplete.

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  • Baba
    • Key Themes
      • Fraught relationships and Foreshadowing
        • "**** on the beards of those self righteous monkeys"
        • "Baba saw the world in black and white
        • "Mr. Hurricane"
        • "After all, I  HAD killed his beloved wife"
        • "I could see his fist clenching and un clenching.
        • "He never fights back. Never. He just... drops his head"
        • His glare made my throat feel dry"
      • Antithesis of Amir
        • As Amir thrives in america, Baba becomes weak. His loyal friendship with Ali is juxtaposed with Amir and Hassans servitude and betrayal.
        • "I want us to marry". She broke into fresh tears"
        • "his cheeks hollowed. And his temples melted"
        • "Not tonight." He said. "there is no pain tonight"
        • "I hadn't inherited a shred of his athletic talents"
      • Fatherhood
        • "Sitting on a pair of tree trunks"
        • "I didn't want to disappoint him again"
        • "I already hated the kids he was building the orphanage for"
        • "Baba the bear"
    • Lexis
      • There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir." "Be it a life or a loaf of Naan...I spit on such a man"
      • Short, direct sentences. He uses lots of emparatives and blunt language. Short sentece structures. Unconnected to Amir.
      • "I wasn't like that" Baba sounded frustrated, almost angry.


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