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Leah and Abi…read more

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Key scenes for Baba
· His son winning the kite flying competition because he's
proud of his son. (Chapter 7)
· His childhood friend Ali and his son Hassan leave, shows
his emotional side. (Chapter 9)
· Baba and Amir escape to USA, changes his way of
living, he has to work at a gas station etc. (Chapter 10)
· Baba accepts his son will be a writer, Baba never use to
accept this, but is now proud. (Chapter 11)
· Baba gets diagnosed with lung cancer, and so his and
Amir's' roles are swapped. (Chapter 12)
· Baba dies (Chapter 13)…read more

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How does Baba
change/develop throughout
the novel?
· In the beginning he is seen as a
mythological creature (Bear).
· He goes on to become more human
in the sense that he shows his
emotions towards Amir etc.…read more

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What is their relationship with the
other characters?
· Uncaring in the beginning and wanting him to become something great like a
doctor instead of a writer so there was tension between them. Although he
does learn to accept that his son will be a writer. Initially he seems as though
he's not proud of what his son does but then as we see in chapter 11 he tells
people about his son and wants to show him off.
· Hassan is Ali's son. He treats him as his own, buying him presents and caring
for him. He often sticks up for him and asks about him a lot, he also likes
taking him out along with his own son.
· Ali is one of Baba's childhood friends, he took him in as a servant after his
father had Ali's father. He treats him as a brother, forgiving his child when
accused of stealing Amir's money and watch.
Rahim Khan
· Baba and Rahim Khan are business partners, they built an orphanage
together. The talk to each other about anything especially private matters e.g.
his son Amir. Rahim Khan is very loyal to Baba and a very good friend.…read more

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Attitudes towards Baba:
-Selfish: Wanting to make Amir something
that he was not and clearly didn't want to
-Embarrassed: Apologises for Amir, at the
party etc.
-Harsh/ uncaring: For the way he use to
treat Amir compared to Hassan.…read more

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Relationship with Plot
Baba learns to accept his
Ali and Hassan leave son will be a writer and not
Baba's house because a doctor. This changed him
Amir planted some money because
and a watch on Hassan to He used to want to colour
get him into trouble. This him in with his favourite
is the first point in the colours and wanted Amir to
novel that we see Baba as be like him. (Chapter 11)
an emotional person.
(Chapter 9)
Amir wins the kite flying Baba and Amir escape to the U.S.
competition and Baba is A, this changes him as a person
overwhelmed with joy. It' because we see his more caring
When Baba receives the
s the first time that he side when he takes care of Amir
news he has lung cancer
appears to be proud of on the journey. Also the only
it changed his
his son. He seems like a reason they moved there was to
perspective of Amir as he
proper father at this protect Amir from the trouble in
now sees him as a caring
point because he's Afghanistan. He also sticks up for
person, and Baba is now
hugging his son which one of the refugee's showing that
the person who is being
we never see him do. he's not as selfish as we first
looked after. (Chapter 12)
(Chapter 7) thought. (Chapter 10)…read more

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