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The Tyger ­ William Blake


ROLE OF THE POET- Concerned with the role of the poet as an intermediary between the realm of
the imagination/higher truths and the unenlightened masses incarcerated in the realm of reason
and science.
THE NATURE OF GOD :Asks the fundamental question of how a…

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Reinforces the questioning of how an immortal being could create a creature perfectly proportioned
(symmetry) and designed to kill. Blake changes could to dare; he is no longer asking who was
capable of creating the tiger but who dared to.
Blake makes the poem deliberately abstract:
There's no description of…

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· The line "What the hand dare seize the fire?" is in reference to Ancient Greek mythology and
the story of Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus and, after giving it to humanity, was
punished by being chained to a rock where a great bird would eat his…


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