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Can you find any adjacency pairs?
What type are they:
· Question and answer
· Greetings
· Statement and agreement.

Is there evidence that the speakers are very
cooperative and polite examples are:
Absence of interruptions and other
aggressive habits.
Politeness markers such as please, thank
Agreement between speakers…

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Length of turns
Number of turns
Who initiates more, who responds

Shortening words. E.g. uni instead of university

Using the first letters of the words to make up
phrases e.g. LOL

Using references to things that are happening in the
media, music, television, fashion, sport, film, celebrit
E.g. "Doh"…

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Replacing words or part of words with, letters an
numbers that sound the same can even make
whole phrases. E.g. CUL8R

· The online conversation takes place in real-time
with immediate turn taking.

These are words and phrases that are considered
inappropriate in some context e.g. Crap.

These are signals…

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These are questions, and are often found in
everyday talk.
E.g. "Do we have to eat cake?"
These are announcements, and are often found
E.G. "What a great cake."

A speech encounter is a genre of speech ­ an everyday
talk situation we're familiar with:
Buying something from a…

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Talk is talk designed to get something done, the aim is to
get something done. It may well be a service encounter.
E.G. In a shop of a restaurant; `how much is this?'

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Spoken Written
Speech happens in real time with Writing is space bound, static and
participants present permanent
Spontaneity and speed make it harder to Writing because it is planned, tends to
plan text, leading to looser expression promote more complex grammar.
and some compact expression and Lack of visual contact…

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Genre ­ Audience-Purpose - Context
This is how language works beyond a single
sentence, the way genres of text are
Involves study of texts context, whether
written or spoken.

Reference to structure.
Mostly it relates to sentence structure.

Visual signs, and marks on the page.
This is the way…

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The ways in which words are pronounced.
Accent varies depending on the region and or social
of the speaker.

E.g. Someone in the south of England will say path as
p-ar-th whereas someone in the midlands will say p-ah-

A pattern and convention of speech where one utteran
follow by…


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