Biology B4 revision

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  • B4  revision
    • Life processes
        • Enzymes are catalyst that speed up chemical reactions
          • They are proteins made up of long chains of amino acids
      • How do enzymes work?
        • An enzyme has an ACTIVE SITE
        • The molecule must fit exactly into part of the enzyme called the active site
        • Different organisms have different temps that their enzymes work best
        • If the body temp is higher then 40oc the active site DENATURES and the molecule can no longer fit
          • When the enzymes get to hot, the rate of reaction falls to 0.
        • PH also affects the enzymes. Every enzyme has an OPTIMUM PH at which it works best
    • MRS GREN
      • All chemical reactions take place in cytoplasm
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      • Plants trap energy and use it to make all the molecules they need for growth
        • Sugars, starch, enzymes and chlorophyll
      • Chemical reaction
      • GLUCOSE can be converted into starch for storage or cellulose to make new cell walls
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      • Movement from a high concentration to a low concentration
      • Passive process (doesn't need energy)


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