Ayia Napa

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  • Ayia Napa, Cyprus
    • Positive effects of tourism
      • social
        • Local youth have a much better nightlife due to clubs that have opened for tourists
        • More bus services to Larnica, than before
      • Economic
        • tourism= 20% of GDP of Cyprus
        • jobs are created at hotels in Aiya Napa
      • Environmental
        • Lara beach on the Arkamas peninsula has been protected
        • all new hotels are built with sewage facilities and fresh water supplies.
    • Negative effects of tourism
      • social
        • Local fisherman have no fish to catch
        • Original inhabitants have moved further up the hill because of tourists behaviour
      • Economic
        • Fewer people working in agriculture because of better paying jobs in the hotels
        • Hotels only let 30% of rooms in winter seasonal jobs
      • environmental
        • Massive building  programme, new hotels built near Nisi  beach
        • Beach was used by turtles to lay their eggs, but don't come to this part of Cyprus anymore


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