Effects of tourism in High Income Countries (HICs)

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  • Economic, Social and Environmental effects of tourism in HICS (High Income Countries)
      • ECONOMIC
        • POSITIVE: Tourism provides 20% of the GDP of the country
        • NEGATIVE: Hotels only let 30% of their rooms on average in the winter months.
      • SOCIAL
        • POSITIVE: There are more bus services to Larnaca, the capital, due to the resort growing.
        • NEGATIVE: Local fishermen have no fish to catch so take trips around the Greco Peninsular.
        • POSITIVE: Lara Beach on the Akamas Peninsula has been protected for the Green and Hawks-Bill turtles.
        • NEGATIVE: The building on Nissi Beach has scared the turtles away from there.
      • ECONOMIC
        • POSITIVE: The farmer at Town Head Farm charges £10 to camp and £3 park a car.
        • NEGATIVE: 55% of homes in Malham were used for holidays in 1991 and second homes have driven prices 15% higher than surrounding villages.
      • SOCIAL
        • POSITIVE: Bus services and public transport are used more in Skipton due to higher tourist numbers.
        • NEGATIVE: Congestion in Malham and Skipton are severe in the summer months due to the number of tourists and the narrow roads.
        • POSITIVE: Malham is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park which protects it and restricts development not in keeping with the natural environment.
        • NEGATIVE: 100,000 visitors a year cause footpath erosion especially at Janet's Foss waterfall.
    • IBIZA
      • ECONOMIC
        • POSITIVE: The island features Privilege nightclub which is also the world's largest club.
          • The other famous nightclubs here are DC10, Pacha, Space, Eden attracting clubbers from all over Europe.
        • NEGATIVE: The party season is short and generally runs from June to October. 90% of tourists visit during this time.
      • SOCIAL
        • POSITIVE: The island has developed a multicultural population as people have stayed and settled leading to an interesting mixture of cultures and ideas.
        • NEGATIVE: San Antonio has a problem with drugs and anti-social behaviour caused by the tourist clubbers.
        • POSITIVE: The island has World Heritage sites which protects its unique beaches and landscape.
        • NEGATIVE: In the tourism season existing facilities simply cannot cope with sewage discharge, which ends up being dumped into the sea.


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