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Tourisms effect of the environment.
Positive Negative
· Lara Beach on the Akamos · There has been a massive
Peninsular has been building programme with
protected for turtles to lay many new hotels being built
their eggs on. right next to Nissi Beach.
· All new hotels are built with · The beach was used by
sewage facilities and fresh turtles to lay their eggs, but
water supplies the no longer come to this
part of Cyprus.…read more

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The effect of tourism on the economy
Positive Negative
· Tourism provides 20% of · Hotels only let about 30% of
the GDP of Cyprus. When their rooms in the winter. This
means that the work is
applied to the multiplier seasonal, as many workers
effect it is more than aren't needed in winter
doubled. months.
· Fewer young people are
· Jobs are created for locals in working in agriculture due to
the hotels in Ayia Napa. the attraction of better paying
jobs in the new hotels.
Traditional industries in the
area such as farming and
fishing are becoming less
common.…read more

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Social impacts of tourism in Ayia Napa.
Positive Negative
· There is a much better night · The original inhabitants of the
life in the area now for town have moved away and
built a new village on a hill
locals to enjoy, due to all above the town due to the bad
the clubs opening for behaviour of the tourists.
tourists. · There are no more fish to
catch in the harbour at Ayia
· There are more bus services Napa as they've been scared
to Larnica, the capital, than away by tourists. This means
that the fishermen have to
there would be if Ayia Napa take tourists on boat trips
was still a small fishing around the Greco Peninsular
village. instead.…read more

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