GCSE Geography- Effects of Tourism

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Effects of tourism in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

What are the positive effects?

Tourism provides at least 20% of the GDP of Cyprus and when the multiplier effect is considered, this figure is almost doubled. Also, more jobs are created for the locals at the hotels such as Adams Beach Hotel and the Nissi Beach hotel which means their income can therefore contribute to the local economy as well as they are more willing to spend. These are examples of positive economic effects of Tourism.

There are positive social effects of Tourism on Ayia Napa too. For example, the youth of Ayia Napa can now enjoy a better nightlife due to the building of new clubs that have been built to attract tourists. The bus services have improved too, as there are now more bus services to Larnica, The Capital, than there would be if Ayia Napa was just a small fishing village. 

The beaches have also been protected to allow laying eggs of Green and Hawkes-Bill turtles in beaches such as Lara beach. Also, the new hotels…


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