What peasants lost during the industrial resolution

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  • At the start of the 20th century, Rural Peasants lost...
    • Acceptance
      • Peasants lost acceptance of their traditional activities due to the requirements of respectable middle class (moral behaviour/ ettiquette
    • Income
      • Was reduced as poverty and low wages resulted in no money to pay for sport
    • Time
      • Due to the 72 hour working week from dawn until dusk meant that there was little free time to play sport.
    • Rights
      • The RSPCA and the new police system banned mass gatherings e.g. mob football and cruel bloodsports
    • Space
      • Due to the migration from rural to urban areas, meant that peasants lived in overcrowded, back to back housing. This meant that there was no space for sport e.g. fields
    • Health
      • Due to poor working conditions and increased pollution, meant that health of peasants decreased.


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