What peasants gained at the end of the industrial resolution

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  • What peasants gained at the end of the industrial revolution
    • Acts of Parliment
      • Reduced the load on a working man from a 72 hour week to a 57 hour week, and a Saturday half day.
        • The early closing movements created more free time to play and watch sport, which increased spectatorism.
    • Trains
      • Could travel further in less time
      • Annual excursion trips to the seaside
      • Teams could play further afield and leagues were created
    • Social Class
      • Emergence of the new middle class brought new behaviours and playing became a civilised proccess
      • The influence of public school boys spread the cult of athleticism to the working class
    • Newspapers
      • Due to improved literacy, media and newspapers, fixture lists, programmes, and sports articles were used to create role models
    • Public Baths
      • Cleaned up the working class, which reduced ill health and disease


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