touism: UK - a mature tourism destination and tourist-generating country

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  • AS Geography Tourism - the UK: A mature tourism destination and tourist- generating country
    • issues
      • Regional imbalance of tourism revenues
        • much of foreign touism is focused on London and a few other 'world famous' locations
      • the 'pressure' of tourism in the most popular 'honepot' locations.
      • the perception that the industry provides little reward for many communities apart from low paid sesonal employment
      • growing concern over the impact of increasing levels of air transport due to tourism
        • plans to expand Heathrow and Stansted are particularly contraversal.
        • growing concern about the contribution of air transport to climate change
      • continued decline of the traditional British seaside resort resulting in high unemployment and urban blight in those countries
    • benefits
      • employment
      • inflow of money from abroad
    • Inbound and domestic tourism
      • in 2005 there were 30 million visits from abroad
        • 2/3 were on holiday
        • total spending reached £14.2 billion
      • total spending in 2005 was £85 billion
        • 80 per cent of this came from UK residents
      • the industry is highly seasonal
        • the vast majority of both domestic and foreign visits occur during April to September
          • July and August are the buisiest months
        • Many hotels and tourist facilities close during the off-season
    • Economic importance
      • touism account for 3.5 per cent of the UK economy
        • Over 2 million jobs are either directly or indirectly sustained by tourism activity
        • about 5 per cent of jobs in the UK are directly related to tourism
      • In London, tourism is the second largest and fastest growing sector of the economy


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