Growth of tourism and economic development

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  • Growth of tourism and economic development
    • Iceland
      • Contribution of a niche market tourism to economic development
      • One of the highest standards of lving in the world
      • 364000 tourists visited in 2006
      • Tourists are attracted by volcanic scenery, rugged coastline, glaciers, and wildlife
      • Whale watching alone attracts 72000 people per year
      • Tourism directly supports 6900 jobs.
      • Accounts for 5% of it's GDP
      • Attracts relatively wealthy Europeans and Americans who have an interest in the environment and wildlife
    • UK
      • Mature tourism destination
      • Britons made 66.4m visits abroad in 2005
        • 81% made by air
        • Spain and France accounted for 38% of destinations
        • Spending was £32.2bn
      • 30m visits from overseas in 2005
      • Total spendature by inbound tourists was £14.2bn
      • Total tourist spending was £85bn in 2005, 80% of which was by UK domestic tourists
      • Tourism in UK accounts for 3.5% of the economy
      • Over 2m jobs are either directly or indirectly sustained by tourism
      • 1.4m jobs directly related (5%)
      • 8% of GDP and 13% of employment
      • Second largest and fastest growing sector
      • 29% of total employment in Cornwall
    • China
      • New and growing tourism destination
      • In 2005 31m Chinese travelled abroad, spending $15.2bn
        • $500 per person
      • Tourism is exponential, and in 2020 China will be the 4th largest source of outbound tourism, at 100m people
        • Rising disposable incomes
        • Longer holidays
        • Relaxed political restrictions- 129 countries given approved destination status
      • Rapid growth in the last 20 years has been the main factor in stimulating tourism
      • 22m visitors to China in 2006
      • Tourism itself contibutes 2.5% to GDP
      • Estimated 16.6m people emplyed directly (2.1%)
      • Employment in wider travel and tourism sector is estimated as 72m people
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    • St Kitts and Nevis
      • Impact of tourism on an LEDC economy
      • Tourism strengthens economy and improves peoples standard of living
      • Jobs have been created in the secondary and tertiary sectors, throught the multiplier effect
      • Tourism improves balance of trade
      • Tourism has attracted international investment
      • Tourism contributed $107m in 2005 directly to the economy
      • 17000 businesses based on Islands
      • Tourism has replaced sugar production as the leading economic sector


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