China: a new touism destination and generating country

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  • China: a new touism destination and generating country
    • outbound tourism
      • in 2005, 31 million Chinese travelled abroad spending $15.2 billion. Almost $500 per person
      • According to the World tourism Organisation, China will be the fourth largest source of outbound tourists by2020
        • At present only 2 percent of China's population travel abroad
      • This rapid increase is happening because of:
        • rising disposable incomes
        • longer holidays
        • increasing interest in overseas travel
        • relaxed political restriction
        • advertising/ promotions by ADS countries anxious to secure their market share of Chinese tourists
        • Greater availabilityof travel products and servies in China
      • Approved Destination Status (ADS)
        • 1991: Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia
        • 1999: New Zealand and Australia
        • 2005: UK, along with many countries
        • 129 countries have ADS from China
    • China as a destination
      • in 2006 China has 22 million foreign visitors
      • China has many diffent high peaks for different places
        • Spring: march-April
        • Autumn: September - october
        • Summer is best for visiting places like Tibet
      • Key attractions
        • The Forbidden City and Tiananmen square in Beijing
        • The terra cotta warriors in Xian
        • the 6700km-long Great Wall of China
        • the Yangtze River and Three Gorges Dam
        • the giant pandas of the Wolong Nature Reserve
        • the skyscrapers, shopping and general atmosphere of Hong Kong
    • The impact on employment and GDP
      • Contribution to GDP is estimated at 2.5 per cent of the industry itself and 12.2 for the wider travel and tourism economy
      • The WTTC estimates that 16.6 million people are employed in the tourism industy


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