ANWR (Arctic national wildlife reserve)

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  • ANWR (Arctic national wildlife reserve)
    • North east corner of Alaska
      • 1300 miles south of north pole
      • 19 million acres
        • site proposed for drilling is only 2000 acres
    • 1980
      • $1.2 million put aside for oil and gas research
    • For
      • decrease in oil prices
      • increase US energy security
      • large capability
        • 876,000 barrels a day
      • create 735,000 jobs
        • reduce unemployment
        • increase money generated from income tax
          • positive multiplier effect
            • invested into education and health care system
      • $50 billion for the us economy
      • locals get paid dividends
        • sum of money paid regularly (typically annually) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).
        • $2000 a year
      • 78% of Alaskans in favour
      • fuel prices reduced by 1.2 pence per gallon
      • technological advancements mean that tundra wont be affected
      • Carabu herds have increased in number near oil areas due to an increase in food
    • against
      • 500 oil spills per year in Alaska
      • suggestions that senators may of been bribed to get permission
      • no environmental consultation for the presidential report in 2001
        • bias from oil companies
      • cannot supply the whole of USA with oil
      • would only decrease USA's reliance on foreign oil by 3%
      • they could invest in a non fossil fuel
      • potential to worsen climate change
      • might pollute food chain and water supplies
        • increase food and water insecurity
    • Obama has said no after the BP oil spillage disaster in 2010
      • 11 people died
      • 4.9 million barrels leaked into the golf of Mexico
      • 600,000 sea birds died
      • spill cost bp $41 billion


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