Access to Energy

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  • Access to Energy
    • The UK and energy
      • Energy is delivered through gas pipes and electricity
      • E.ON plans to build two new coal-powered stations to replace the one in Kent
        • This is controversial as they are replacing coal with more coal, pollution with even more pollution
      • Nuclear power and public perceptions
        • Its safety: due to thousands of years of leakage and radioactive waste
        • All but one nuclear power stations are due to close by 2023
        • Building nuclearnew power plants will undermine the development of more-efficient renewable energy technology by steering investment away from away from it
        • Britian has become more  reliant on oil and gas from Russia, the insecurity makes Britain paranoid
      • Physical factors
        • The shallow reserves of fossil fuels have been exhausted, we've hit the peak and will either have to dig deeper or find an alternative
        • Due to the location, Britain has great potential for tidal and wave power
    • Energy poverty
      • 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity
      • 2.4 billion people rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating - but has killed 2.5 million women and children through lung dieases
      • 96% of Kenyans have no access to grid electricity, they are encouraging bottom-up hydro-electric schemes where one can benefit 1000
    • Technology and cost
      • Although the cost if installing wind turbines has risen, wind power is still viable because other energy's like oil prices still remain high
      • China has become a low-producer of PV cells, which generates electricity from sunlight, they have potential for poorer countries will increase
      • In developing countries, renewable energy can provide power more cheaply and quickly than extending transmission lines and constructing new power plants
    • Unequal shares
      • Energy is being consumed unqually around the world
      • Chiuna consume the most coal and are the worlds biggest polluters
      • US consume the most natural gas


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