Energy Poverty in the UK and India

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  • Energy poverty in 2 different Worlds
    • India
      • Becoming one of the fastest energy consumers
        • This is mostly from 30% of the population in urban areas
        • 70% of the population are in rural areas and they have little access to  efficient energy
          • They use wood and dung for Biomass in order to generate electricity, methane for cooking and create fertilisers for crops
    • The UK
      • Energy is used mainly for heating and lighting
        • 5 million Rural households are not connected to the mains Gas Network
          • They rely on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
          • LPG  is more expensive than main Gas
    • In general...
      • 3 million people use Biomass to generate electricity worldwide
      • 1.6 billion live without electricity
        • There either isn't a supply network or it is too expensive to access


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