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A2 World Development…read more

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What is development?
Development is defined as the
"Basic objective of development is to create
an enabling environment for people to enjoy
long and healthy, creative lives. But this is
often forgotten in the immediate concern with
the accumulation of commodities and financial
wealth being the focus"…read more

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Perspectives of development
Perspectives of development differ according to a person's education,
financial status and geographical location.
A Indian women, for example, is likely to have a poor education and many
not fully understand the concept of development. She is not part of the
globalised world and will not feel that it will affect her and her
A Kiberian resident has been exposed to the effects of development anD
therefore understand it more, meaning they will be aware of how `the
other hale live' and want a better quality of life and environment.
Ban Ki Moon is head of the UN and is in a position of power and know what
benefits it brings. However he has to think on a national and global
scale and a single family (like the Indian women above) will not be his
only concern.…read more

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The development pathway.
Every country in the world is at a different stage of development,
the pathway aims to classify stages of development and means
countries can be compared.
LLEDC-Least less economically developed (Nepal)
LEDC-Less economically developed (Bangladesh)
FCC-Former communist countries (Russia)
RIC-Recently industrialised country's (Thailand)
OPEC-Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (UK, USA)…read more

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The development cable
The development cable shows development as a multi-faceted process
With the economy at its core,to allow economic development
social, political, environmental and
personal development is needed.
The core is the investment of time
and money needed to trigger and
maintain development.…read more

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A comparison (development cable VS pathway)
Differences (pathway) Similarities Differences (cable)
Shows stages of development Shows development of a country Shows factors that influence
No room for variation Both are visual Has more variables and
therefore can be easier to apply
Categorises a country Both adhere to Western
hegemony…read more

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