A Christmas Carol-Context

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  • A Christmas Carol Context
    • Victorian London
      • Population growth went from 1 million in 1800 to 7  million in the 1900.
      • London transformed into the biggest city in the world
      • Poor lived in unsanitary conditions
    • Great Reform Bill 1832
      • The working class were left unable to vote
      • Granted middle-class people to vote
      • It was a requirement to own property to be given the vote.
    • Poor Law 1834
      • Aim was to reduce the cost of people in poverty
      • People who weren't able to support themselves were forced into workhouses
    • Workhouses
      • People who could not feed themselves were forced here
      • Here people were made to do hard labour and little food without pay
      • Conditions inside were harsher than the conditions outside to deter people from relying on the government  for support
    • Industrial Revolution
      • Marked a shift to powered, machinery and factories and mass production
    • Ragged Schools
      • Established to give poor children an education
      • Dickens supported Ragged Schools as he gave money and time to the movement
      • It is said that the children in the Ragged Schools were the inspirations of 'Ignorance' and 'Want'
    • Christmas
      • Christmas in these times was not widely celebrated
      • Dickens' vivid descriptions and feasts became an important modern-day traditions
    • Religion
      • England was Christian
      • Christian messages are seen throughout the novella


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