A christmas carol

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  • A Christmas Carol
    • Characters
      • Ebenizer Scrooge
        • Fan
      • Jacob Marley
      • Bob Cratchit
        • Mrs. Cratchit
        • Martha & Peter
      • The ghost of Christmas past
      • Fezziwig's
      • Tiny Tim
      • The ghost of Christmas present
      • The ghost of yet to come
      • Fred
      • Belle
      • The portly gentlemen
    • Themes
      • The Christmas spirit
      • Redemption and free will
      • Critique of Victoria society
      • Capitalist time and Epiphanies
    • Context
      • Charles Dickens born 7th Feb 1812
      • First published by Chapman & Hall  on 19th December 1843
        • Early Victorian era Britain
      • Written in a period when there was strong nostalgia for old Christmas traditions
        • Together with the introduction of new customs, such as Christmas trees and greeting cards


Bushra Patel


This is a pretty good brief mind-map, thanks :)



This helped me so much with my revision, thankyouuu

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