Christmas Carol

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Christmas Carol 

⦁It is a novel by Charles Dickens about Ebenezer Scrooge, who is an old man, well known for his miserly ways.

⦁Scrooge is very stingy, tight-fisted and a  horrible person. He is descrobed as "solidatery as an oyster."

⦁On christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by series of ghost, starting with his very old bussiness partner called Jacob Marley. Then the three spirits, which are: Cristmas past, christmas present and christmas yet to come.

⦁The purpose of these gosht is to show how his mean beahviour has effected everyone around him. At the end of the novel he is revlieved to discover that there is still time to change. As readers we see him transformed into a generous and kind hearted person.


1.On christmas Eve, Scrooge makes his clerk Bob Cratchit work in the Cold.

2.He refuses to go to his nephew fred's christmas party, and will not give money to the charity.

3.At home he is visited by the ghost of his old bussiness partner called Jacob Marley who was also bad as him. He came to warn Scrooge that if he doesn't change he will suffer like him in Hell. Inaddition he also tells him that he will be visited by three ghost.

4.First is the ghost of christmas past, he shows Scrooge his past and shows him that once he was a happy person. Perhaps the main reason why he is like that is because every Christmas he was left alone.

5.Next, the ghost of Christmas present takes him to the Cratchit's home, where he is saddened by the ill, but kind, Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is Bob's youngest son. He shows how Fred celebrates his cristmas party with his friends and how others celebrate together.

6.Finally, The ghost of Christmas yet to come, who terrifies Scrooge with vision of his death, and how no one cares about him.

7.Scrooge awakes on Christmas day and is delighted to find he has chance to repent of his miserly ways. He buys a turkey for the Crachits and attends his nephew's party.

8.Lastly. Scrooge becomes like a second father of Tiny Tim, and Celebrates Chrsitmas with them.


⦁The novel was written in 1843.

⦁Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812.

⦁Dicken's father John, was kind and likeable man, but he was financially irresponsible, piling up tremendous debts throughout his life.

⦁Dickens intention of writing the novel was to draw the readers' attention to the plight of England's poor.

⦁Christmas was a time for being generous to the poor and giving money to charity. Most of the people din't really do this, so therefore Dickens created a character like Scrooge to show the society what poor people has to go through and show the real meaning of people.

⦁However, Vristmas was ignored by most of the people. Christmas is an occasion for family and friends to come together.

⦁At the time there was a tradition where everyone would read ghost stories at christmas such as Cristmas…


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