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Change: Dickens creates a powerful positive message in this novella hat everyone can change.

Responsibility: Dickens felt that everyone had a responsibility for those around him or her.

Education: Dickens emphasises the value of education through his presentation of the two children, ignorance and want.

Poverty: The Cratchits are regarded as Dickens face of the poor in this novella.

The supernatural: The supernatural refers to events or beings that are beyond human or scientific explanation, such as ghosts or seeing into the future. Dickens, like many Victorian authors, enjoyed writing in this genre as it was popular and allowed stories to go beyond normal human experiences.

Isolation: Dickens demonstrates the need for company an companionship.

Family: Dickens balances Scrooges isolation with vibrant vignettes that show us the positive benefits he has been missing or refusing.

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Charles Dickens Background:

He was born is 1812, had a happy childhood until his family moved to London. At 12, he had to work, father was put in debtors prison. He got a job as a court reporter, he wrote stories about London life, first published in 1833. got his father out of prison and moved. 1853, married and was succesing with his writing.

Dickens and Christmas:

Dickens is credited for inventing Christmas. Ghost of christmas oresent became the image of father christmas.

Industrial revolution:

Changes in working and living conditions began in 1760s. Cities became more popular and housing was in high demand.

Poverty and Education:  Slums were full and education was terrible.

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