was the period from 1968-1980 a turning point?

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  • 1968-1980
    • 1968 onwards rise of New Right
    • 1968  Election of Nixon
    • 1970s Affirmative Action
      • Nixon encouragea a policy of Affrimative Action: making allowances for the lack of opportunities that African Americans had had in the past, e.g education or lack of it.
    • Black Capitalism
      • Black Capitalism is a movement among African Americans to build wealth through the ownership and development of businesses. It has not been acknowledged as a legitimate "movement" among African Americans, such as Black Nationalism or the civil rights movement as it has no organized body to promote its intent and goals. However, much in these movements were financed by the wealth of African Americans.
    • Black Government appointments under Ford and Carter
      • Ford appointed the first black secretary, William T. Coleman. Carter appointed 37 black federal judges.
    • Nixon opposed bussing
      • Supported ROAR - Restore Our Alienated Rights- a movemment organised by white parents in boston to stop bussing. Firm action against the black panthers
    • 1973 Right wing supreme court supports ruling against bussing
    • Education? Desegregation?
      • Tried to make up for missed education. Still wanted segregation in schools


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