AQA A2 History - The USSR - Detailed Revision Notes on Brezhnev

Here is part 3 of my detailed revision notes on the USSR, this time on Brezhnev. Includes info on the Vietnam war, dissidents, the brezhnev doctrine, the invasion of afghanistan, etc. I hope it's useful.

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Triumph and Collapse: Russia and the USSR, 1941 ­ 1991

Key dates, key people, key statistics

Part 3: The Brezhnev Era 1968 1982

When Khrushchev was removed, the Central Committee elected Leonid Brezhnev as
Secretary of the Party, Aleksei Kosygin as Prime Minister and Nikolay Podgorny as
Chairman of the…

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In 1969 there was talk of celebrating the 90th anniversary of Stalin's birth, but
this was dropped due to opposition from East European states.
The powers of the secret police, the KGB, were restored, although they didn't
revert to the terror tactics of the Stalin years.
No longer were prisoners…

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The authorities daren't get rid of Sakharov, as he was an eminent scientist
with an international reputation ­ they didn't want to put Soviet relations with
American scientists at risk.
The Helsinki Final Treaty in 1975 gave the Human Rights Committee a new
stick with which to beat the government.…

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o 19761980 205 million tons per year.
o 19811985 181 million tons.
Through the 1980s the USSR continued to import grain from the USA and
Argentina ­ 40 million tons of grain each year.
Khrushchev's maize campaign came to an end.
Brezhnev supported the right to private plots in collective…

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In 1974 collective farmers were given internal passports for free travel around
the USSR and became entitled to State pensions and minimum wages.
Savings in the USSR rose considerably ­ the State savings bank held 18.7
billion roubles in 1965 and this had risen to 221 billion roubles in 1985.…

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o The Russians then started supplying the Vietcong (a guerrilla army
dedicated to uniting the country under Communist control) with large
quantities of weapons and military advisers
o The war ended in 1973 with a Communist victory and the withdrawal of
US troops.
The crisis in Czechoslovakia:
o In January…

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In 1977 Party membership was around 16 million and 17.4 million by 1981.




Your resources are fantastic! they've really helped me, thankyou for sharing with everyone!

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