What is ethics?
Moral principles that govern a persons behaviour
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What is an implication?
Something that is naturally supposed to be understood
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What is an objective moral law?
A god given law e.g. the 10 commandments
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What is principle of utility?
The greatest good for the greatest number
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What is a hedodnist?
A person that loves pleasure above everything else.
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What is consequentialism?
Ethical theory where right/wrong is decided by the consequence
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What is utility?
Whatever affects the outcome of a situation
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Who is known as the daddy of utilitarianism?
Jeremy Bentham
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Why did his utilitarianisms start?
18h century where there was poverty, over crowded housing conditions, chcild labour and other problems
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Benthams version of utilitarianism is known as:
Classical act utilitarianism
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Benthams utilitarianism is:
Quantitative, Consequentialist, Based on only pleasure
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What does the Hedonic calculus look at?
Purity, Richness,Remoteness,Duration, Intensity, Certainty, Extent.
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What is utilitarianism?
An ethical theory of utility
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What is teleological ethics?
Consequences of an action
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Benthams theory claims to....
Maximise pleasure and minimise pain
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Benthams theory is a....
Deontological theory
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Who argues against Bentham?
John Stuart Mill
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Who is J.S.Mill to Bentham?
His godson and student, his fathers colleague
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What does he look at?
Qualitative approach to utilitarianism and different types of pleasure
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What does she say about Benthams idea of pleasure?
He says that there are higher/lower order pleasures
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What is the difference between the higher and lower order pleasure?
Higher order pleasure - goin to the opera and makes the mind more intellegent. The lower order pleasure: Eating to the chocolate and pleasing the physical rather than the mental.
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Mill says there are feelings that are above happinesss, they are;
Truth,love,justice and other exaples
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John Stuart Mill's utilitarianism is called?
Rule utilitarianism
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What does rule utilitarianism claim?
An action is right if it complies with the rules
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What does act utilitarianism claim?
Any action is right as long as it pleasures the majority
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Mill's analogy:
It is better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied
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Strong utilitarianism:
Rules must never be broken
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Weak rule utilitarianism:
Rules can be broken depending on the circumstance
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What is the harm principe?
A power can be rightfully exercised on an individual if the person is causing harm to others or themself.
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What does the harm principle make sure of?
Minorities are not being exploited for pleasure of the majority
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What is an implication?


Something that is naturally supposed to be understood

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What is an objective moral law?


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