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How many European Immigrants moved to the USA between 1900 - 1909?
8.2 million
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Who led the WCTU?
Carrie Nation
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What does the WCTU stand for?
Women's Christian Temperance Union
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Who led the Anti Saloon League?
Wayne Wheeler
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What was the Anti Saloon League?
It was the leading prohibitionist lobby in the Progressive era.
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Name one Trust busting act from the 1890's and state what it did.
Sherman anti trust act. It was used on American tobacco to break it's monopoly industry
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Name 2 Trade Unions and state how they stood politically.
American Federation of Labour (moderate) & Industrial Workers of the world (Socialist)
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Name 2 key Progressive politicians
Theodore Roosevelt & Robert La Folette
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What was a key event for the expanionist attitude?
The Spanish American War (1898)
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What document was the main argument for America remaining Isolationist?
The Monroe Doctrine
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How many US soldiers suffered deaths and injusries as a result of WWI?
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What 2 Factors caused America to join the War?
The discovery of the Zimmerman Telegram and the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915
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How many US civilians died as a result of the Lusitania incident?
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How many points were on the Treaty of Versailles? Name two.
14. the idea for the League of Nations & Germany's £6.6 billion reparations bill
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Which President was elected in 1920? What effect did this have on America?
Warren Harding. It saw the US return to a policy of Isolationism and 'Normalcy'
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What was the "Open Door Policy" and who implemented it?
It was an international trade policy that stated that all trade routes to China had to be accessible by all countries and not just colonial powers. It was implemented by Theodore Roosevelt
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When was President Taft's Dollar diplomacy implemented?
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What was Dollar Diplomacy?
A policy allowing guaranteed loans to be paid to Latin America and East Asia
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Why did Roosevelt push for Open Door Policy?
The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 caused America to fear that CHina would be split between European powers, making it difficult for America to do any sort of trade there.
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What was the Zimmerman Telegram?
A telegram from Germany To Mexico that was intercepted by the British. It urged Mexico to attack America in exchange for the 'lost' Mexican states of Texas and New Mexico.
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Who led the WCTU?


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What does the WCTU stand for?


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Who led the Anti Saloon League?


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What was the Anti Saloon League?


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